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The vast majority of respondents interviewed gamble once a week, not staking giant sums of money, around £5 a week on average, marginally greater than the UK average of £4.Sixteen per week (The Economist 2017). These relatively small weekly bets are a contributing issue behind the pleasure of gambling being ample to trigger respondents to continue gambling in the face of monetary losses. An interesting level raised in interviews was the extent to which the pleasure of gambling can be ample to take care of the want to gamble in the face of persistent monetary losses, indicating the energy of “excitement” as a gambling trigger (The Mental Health Foundation 2016). Regular monetary losses could “slow down” (Interview3) the frequency at which respondents gamble, nonetheless the excitement of gambling was constantly claimed as “enough” (Interview8) to maintain the want to participate in OSG, บาคาร่า ที่ดีที่สุด and the main purpose why interviewees proceed to wager.