“””I know that Joe Biden wants to find the most worthy candidate for the post of US Ambassador to Ukraine, for which appropriate procedures must be passed,”” the official said.

He explained that representatives of Congress and senators are involved in the process of appointing ambassadors. Therefore, when Ukraine receives a request for an agreement (one of the stages in the process of appointing the head of a diplomatic mission, which is called accreditation), it will carry out all the necessary procedures on its part.

“”However, even without the US ambassador to Ukraine, we have a temporary attorney, the Ukrainian embassy in Washington is actively working. Last year was very successful in terms of Ukrainian-American relations, “”Zhovkva said.

The visit of the President of Ukraine to the United States took place, a number of important documents were signed, and the Charter on Strategic Partnership between Ukraine and the United States was updated, he said.

In addition, the role of the United States is very important for Ukraine’s security on a bilateral basis, said the Deputy Head of the President’s Office.

“”We know about the amount of military aid to Ukraine planned this year. The United States has now intensified supplies of relevant products to Ukraine. But they actively support us in NATO, “”the official stressed.”