Admission to the art-on-the-run film school Berlin is eligible to anyone aged 18 or over, and if required can produce a valid visa for the entire period of the course.


The registration is completed by filling out and signing the online registration formula and the submission of the application film.


As a rule the application deadline is 6 weeks before the the course begins. Last-minute registrations are possible if places on the respective courses have been cancelled. After the application deadline, participants will be notified within 7 days if they have been accepted for the respective courses at the art-on-the-run film school Berlin.
If accepted, the student must pay the registration fee within 7 days by following the payment instructions provided by the art-on-the-run film school Berlin. In the case of non-payment of the registration fee, admission to the course will be revoked. The exact dates can be found on the website:
The registration fee is non refundable but the participant, is granted the right to provide a replacement, without additional costs.


The specified course dates are binding and will not be changed. The theory seminars are always held on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 18:00 and 21:15. The specified times are general and can be slightly altered by the art-on-the-run film school Berlin or the lecturers. The students will be informed in good time of any such changes. All courses will be held on the premises of the art-on-the-run film school Berlin (Schönfließer Str. 13, 10439 Berlin), unless the confirmation of participation states otherwise. The course description is not binding. The art-on-the-run film school Berlin updates the teaching plan continuously. Changes to the course content does not reflect any deficiencies.


In the case of illness of the respective lecturer, the art-on-the-run film school Berlin reserves the right to provide an adequate replacement lecturer or to cancel or postpone the seminar. The participants will be immediately notified about this.
All instructions by the course director/lecturers must be followed, insofar as they relate to organisational, legal or security issues.


Every student who attends 90% of the lectures and actively participated in the workshops, receives a graduation certificate from the art-on-the-run film school Berlin.


With their registration, the student assures that they have valid medical insurance and liability insurance. The student is responsible for all material and personal damage, that they wilfully or carelessly cause through disregard for instructions, as well as to the art-on-the-run film school Berlin, other students or a third party. Should the project work on individual courses involve a car rented by the students, there is no separate insurance protection from the art-on-the-run film school Berlin. Carrying other students as passengers in a private car is only permitted if there is personal accident insurance for the car and the driver has a minimum age of 25 years. If a student uses their own equipment during the course, they do so at their own risk. Liability for any damage or loss of the equipment exists only when the damage is caused by a major negligent dereliction of duty by the art-on-the-run school Berlin or the staff. Should the damage be caused by another student, then the claim for damages are to be made directly to the perpetrator.

7.1. During all exterior shooting the damage to the environment or the property of a third party must always be avoided. Students, who through the disregard for these rules or disregard the instructions of the course director, disrupt the course schedule or a danger to themselves or other students, can be excluded from continuing the course. The course fee will not be reimbursed in this case.


For the film production during the course, the equipment from the art-on-the-run film school Berlin is available upon agreement. The school directors have the right to refuse the issue of the equipment at their own discretion, if they see the successful execution of the film shooting or the equipment threatened. There is no claim for compensation.


The students bear the full costs for individual film productions during their studies. art-on-the-run film school Berlin will provide each student with as many FREE resources as possible to limit the expenses to make a film. Equipment is all included in the program tuition. What is not included in the program tuition are expenses that will be incurred by individual film productions.. Our team will work very hard to ensure students understand and work toward limiting the amount of money they will need to make their movie.


The student productions can be realized as a co-production with the art-on-the-run production GmbH, that would be agreed in writing with a separate contract.


The usage rights of the films created during the course at the art-on-the-run film school Berlin remain with the students who as director and scriptwriter created the respective film. The art-on-the-run film school Berlin reserves the right to use any of the film works (or clips from) created on the course for its own publicity or those of its partners. The rights to the material and scripts arising from the seminars also remain with the students. The students are required to declare in the end titles of the film or on the cover page of the screenplay that the respective film/respective script was created during the course at the art-on-the-run film school Berlin.


12.1 Subsidiary agreements, changes or amendments are required in writing.
12.2 Place of jurisdiction is Berlin.